Traveling to another country is always an exhilarating experience, however teaching in a foreign environment is invaluable. In my efforts to provide the history and traditions passed on to me from my own teachers from around the world, I was allowed to achieve a higher level of craftsmanship in my playing and teaching.

I found the time at Iberacademy to not only benefit my teaching and playing, but also another opportunity to better understand the world and others. As an artist I can’t think of any opportunity more useful. Working with the students in Miami and Medellin was a special experience that reminded me of the joys of teaching and the importance of cultural exchanges.

I can’t wait to go back to such a special place.


2 thoughts on “Iberacademy-Reflection

  1. You are always Welcome.. we will loveeee to see you again.. Medellin awaits for you.
    Att: Iberacademy Family, you family!!!

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