Spoleto Music Festival USA

Spoleto Music Festival USA

For the first time in 2017 I’ve been in a city longer than one month, 38 days to be exact! The past 5 weeks spent in Charleston, South Carolina went by fast. In somewhat of a contradiction of my last statement, I also feel very settled here in the city as if I’ve been living here for years. While playing all of the concerts, I’ve enjoyed meeting and reconnecting with all of the great people involved with the festival. Spoleto is really a special place, so it’s been nice to spend this time in the orchestra and on the artistic staff.

I spent my last night in town walking my favorite streets of Charleston. The whole excursion took a little more than 3 hours. I have a favorite street in almost every major city that I would live. I found my favorite street in Charleston a few years back, so a visit there was of course on the bucket list.

During my walk, I found a “Why I love Charleston” card. These cards are scattered around the city in various places from complete strangers. You essentially list your favorite places to eat, drink, sightsee in Charleston on your card and leave it somewhere for someone else to find.

Not wanting the passing of cards to stop with me, I tried a Belgian waffle listed on the card while also writing my own list of favorite things on my own papyrus “Why I love Charleston” card.

I’ve only been to 4 cities this summer so far, so there are 15 or so more to go. Maybe I’ll take the “Why I love Charleston” card tradition with me to other cities?

During this break in my schedule, I’ll be spending the next few weeks practicing, working on some projects, and hopefully reading a book or two.

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Three songs of the day:

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – Summertime

James Blake – My Willing Heart

Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE

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